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10 Thoughts On Getting Healthy

We’ve all been there, the 5th episode of Gossip Girl begins to play and you glance up to see your gym shoes growing dust at the bottom of your closet. But hey, at least you own gym shoes. No one wants to be that girl, but let’s be real, aren’t we all?


1. Realizing just how long it has been like:

2. Walking past the fitness center- on the way to take a nap:

3. When you get to the gym but haven’t started exercising yet:

4. 1 minute into running. You’ve got this:

5. 3 minutes in:

6. 10 minutes later:

7. To that cute boy on the leg press:

8. After overestimating your own strength:

9. That’s enough for this week.

10. 1 hour later- “I earned this”:

Julia is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Fashion Business and minoring in Marketing. Originally from a small suburb northwest of the city, she is excited to be living downtown and loves to explore with her friends.
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