Weekly Wellness Tip: Take a Break (For Real)

When you're a student breaks can be hard. I don't know about you, but for me even a couple days off invites the struggle to strike a balance between really relieving my mind and body without dropping my responsibilities altogether. To be honest, I'm especially worried about staying on top of things over the Thanksgiving weekend, when I'll have a relatively light homework load, only with finals and papers are looming on the horizon. It'll be tempting to lock myself in my room and chisel away at the research essay that still doesn't have a clear thesis, or else making flashcards of French grammar rules. However, in an effort to make sure that we all get back to campus rested and ready to attack exam season, I want to remind both myself and all of you to use this holiday as a time to reset. Get sleep, eat yummy food, spend time with people you care about, watch some seasonal movies...whatever will make your heart most joyful, be there.

T-24 hours until I'm scooting off-campus and home for my R&R. When are your headed home? On your mark, get set, get resting, my friends.