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Weekly Wellness Tip: Go to Sleep (For Real)

As a college first-year, perhaps one of my most-used (and most-overheard) phrases is “Ugh, I’m so exhausted.” Whether it’s a bad night’s sleep, a roommate’s alarm that interrupted your rest, or a long night of studying, there’s no shortage of circumstances that can prevent you from catching quality Zzzs. If you’ve experienced one-too-many sleepless nights this past week and aren’t in the mood to be a zombie again tomorrow, try these tips below to get your sleep schedule in shape:

1. Shut down your electronics. Honestly, most of us know this by now, but it’s worth repeating: the light from your phone and computer screen is a killer for your sleeping habits. Try to go off-line 1 hour to 30 minutes before bedtime for help falling asleep a bit more easily.

2. Try a bedtime. I know, I know…most of us haven’t had “bedtime” since we were seven. But I speak from experience when I say that going to bed within the same hour-long window most nights will start getting your body more attuned to when it’s time to rest. Pack double the punch by setting a regular wake-up time as well, and watch your sleep schedule even out.

3. Listen to your body. As I mentioned above, college provides no shortage of detriments to getting quality rest. Next time you find yourself snoozing on your Econ textbook or yawning through late-night chats with friends, listen to your body and head to bed. As hard as it might be to pull yourself away from an assignment or social outing, your body and mind will thank you in the morning.


A self-proclaimed dark chocolate hoarder living and learning in Manhattan. A book-lover at heart, Olivia can most often be found reading, doing yoga, or destressing on the swings in Riverside Park.
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