Weekly Wellness Tip: Ask For Help

In today's world, it's no secret that it's getting harder and harder to own our weaknesses. And who can blame us for hiding our vulnerabilities, really, when we're caught in the undertow of the 24/7 news/social media cycle? I know I fall into this trap time and time again-- with an independent streak and perfectionist side to boot, asking for help is always a struggle for me. Even when I talk with my fellow first-years, I realize that a lot of us are also feeling the same pressure to be 100% self-sufficient just a few months after move-in day. But, as many of us are quickly realizing, it's exhausting trying to manage course scheduling, activities, interviews, laundry, budgeting, and who knows what else completely on your own. That's why this week I'm challenging myself and all of you to reach out and ask for help. Worried about course registration? Go to your advisor for advice. Overwhelmed with a new club schedule? Talk to the leader about making things better. Whatever it is you need to get through, don't be afraid to speak up. :)