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Bacchanal is merely days away, and there are two crucial tips you need to know in order to have the best Bacchanal experience. First, give yourself a break from the stress of impending exams by immersing yourself in the music and having a great time with your friends. Second, be sure to document this entire experience by taking tons of cute photos throughout!

It’ll be a hectic day, but spirits will be high as students set out to enjoy the performances, wearing their carefully curated outfits and taking proper safety measures. Take pictures while you’re getting ready with friends, lining up for tickets, playing lawn games, and throughout the show! Bacchanal photos are the perfect way to add a little school spirit to your Instagram page (and to make your friends from other schools jealous!) Every Instagram-worthy photo needs an equally fun caption, so check out these ideas for Bacchanal Instagram captions below:

  • Adding to your Bacchanal feed!
  • Tuned in
  • Phone on dnd for @jidsv
  • Encore!
  • Only went to see (fav song/artist)
  • Your fave groupie
  • The place to be
  • Brb going to lose my voice
  • Post-bacch depression
  • That time of year again
  • Good to be back
  • School spirit for a day
  • In my element
  • Catch me at Bacch
Hailey Khetan

Columbia Barnard '27

Hailey Khetan is a freshman at Barnard College in New York City and originally from Northern Virginia. She loves playing the piano, watching horror movies, reading romance novels, and singing karaoke with friends. She is passionate about politics and feminist theory.