Dreaming of Palm Trees

Spring break is just around the corner but it's not too late to start working on that summer body even in the frigid month of February (better late than never right?). With the stress of midterms and trying to look fit in the upcoming weeks, here are a few tips and tricks to transforming yourself into a beach babe in no time:


  1. Cardio! It’s tough to find time in between our classes, homework time, hangout sessions, and sports practices, but working out is the answer to all your prayers (for Spring Break that is). Instead of watching Netflix in your bed, hop on a treadmill and walk, jog, or run to that one show you love. Whether you’re biking, ellipticalling, or running, remember you have to put in work to see the results! Nothing happens overnight, but something can happen in two weeks. Don’t know where to start? Run at a pace you’re comfortable at for 10 mins, for the next 10 mins try 1 minute intervals of walking and running at a faster pace, and for the last 10 mins set the treadmill on the initial pace and finish out that workout. If you don't like to run, try the same pattern on a bike or elliptical too. **TIP: Don't like working out on your own, try a fitness class at Trudy with a friend or two!**

  1. Abs, abs, abs. Want that defined six pack for break? Doing abs everyday will show results by the end of this two week cram. My favorite ab workouts come from some super cool instagram accounts I follow! My favorite include: @sugarysixpack , @achieving_balance , @kayla_itsines
  1. Eating healthy is the motto! Get rid of those greasy curly fries from Frank or a slice from Slices and try to have fruit, veggies, and some protein at every meal. I know the mozzarella sticks are calling your name every time you walk by, but tell yourself that two weeks without them won’t hurt you! After break, I challenge you to eat a whole pizza by yourself, but for now eat clean foods that’ll get you lean. **TIP: unfollow those chocolate and pizza crazed instagrams and follow some healthy ones to help you fight the temptation: @getleaneatclean_ , @clean_eats_szn , @livegreenhealthy , @holykaleofhealth **
  1. Skip dessert. This is probably the hardest one. We all love a good ice cream to end off our day, but try something new! Instead of a bowl of ice cream or five cookies, whip yourself up a bowl of peanut butter and granola from Frank, or a yogurt bowl from the Chobani Yogurt Station at the Coop. Again, two weeks won't hurt you!


  1. Inspiration is key. Don’t feel like you have to do this alone. Grab a friend and make a pact to workout and eat healthy. When I don’t feel motivated, I bet you could guess at this point, I look on instagram for some sayings to empower me: @thegoodquote , @fitnessquotes_


Good luck spring breakers!! You can do it!!