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10 Thoughts You Have Before Even Starting Midterm Work

Everyone warns you about finals week and even teachers will give you a class off to prepare for the test, but honestly no one tells you what to expect for midterms week. I’m even a senior and feel like this week completely took me by surprise because all of the sudden I had two 10 page papers, an in-class midterm and a take home midterm all due within 72 hours of eachother. If you are also experiencing this pain, do not worry you are not alone! In order to combat this week, let’s look at it through the lens of humor.

Here are the 10 thoughts you have before actually getting any work done:

1. When you go to Fraturday thinking it’s just the last weekend before break

2. And on Sunday you decide you need to catch up on all your weekly shows 

3. By Sunday night your exhausted from all your lounging around so you decide you deserve to take this night off

4. Then on Monday you go into panic mode because you finally look at your planner

5. And you decide that there is no possible way you have enough time to get anything done

6. So you choose to complain to your friends about how much work you have instead of actually doing anything

7. Finally you make it to the library but there are no spots and you resort to stealing senior thesis cubes

8. But then you get kicked out because a person who actually has their sh*t together comes back to claim their cube

9. And you get exiled to the 1st floor of Case—also known as the dungeon 

10. But once you are alone in the harsh lighting you reflect on your horrible time management skills and prepare for the next three days of all-nighters

Good luck to all and may the odds be ever in your favor this week!

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