Sean Fitzpatrick '16

Name: Sean Fitzpatrick

What year are you? Senior.

Where are you from? Darien, CT: Home of the Blue Wave.

Where do you live on campus? Apartment 116. You may have heard of it.

What’s your major? History. Wait, let me rephrase that: my major is herstory.

What is your favorite Spa food:

Oh, wow. To be honest, I’ve grown out of the “dilla” phase. I kinda just get buffalo chicken wraps now. Because I’m always on the go.

Three things you would change about Colby:

  1. Boozehounds would be sponsored by the school
  2. Get rid of the hard alcohol ban
  3. No more skunks in the apartments

What clubs or activities are you involved in on campus?

I work phonathon—I guess that’s one. You could say I engage the alumni. I’m pretty good at asking for money, so I do Senior Pledge, too. I used to be in SPB, but I’m not anymore. Most of my activities this year are “extracurriculars” (Go Boozehounds!!!).

Most embarrassing memory from freshman year?

It’s not really a member because I don’t remember it, but I fell out of my bed (sober) and got a concussion. So I went to lacrosse practice the next day with bandages wrapped around my head, looking like a wounded Civil War solider. That one was pretty embarrassing.

Celebrity Crush?

Rachel McAdams. I like Jennifer Garner, too, but she’s kind of older now. Don’t get me wrong, though, I do like older women ;).

Fun fact about yourself?

I used to be able to sing “Expert Level” in RockBand, with 100% accuracy on most songs. But then my voice dropped :(. I can also draw an awesome hockey net, for anyone who wants to see it!!

Finally, if you could be anybody in the world, who would you be?

Colin Farrell. Because he’s Irish and so dreamy.