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How to Survive Midterms

Although it may be hard to believe, the semester is almost halfway over. Of course, with Spring Break so close, studying for midterms is probably the last thing you...

New Perspective: Cherokee Women

This semester I’ve been taking a really thought-provoking class: Early American Women Writers. It’s made me consider women’s history in a whole new perspective.

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5 Reeeeallly “Tasty” Videos

While the “foodstagram” may be sooo 2015, the food-video (fun, creative name soon to come) has taken 2016 by storm.

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Peace Colby!

Leaving West Quad after a vigorous week of studying and essay writing. See you in two weeks , Colby!

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Lina Makino ’17

Year : 2017 Hometown : Boston, MA Major/minor: Latin American Studies Major, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor Favorite dining...

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5 Last Minute Holiday Gifts

You were so excited to finish your last exam and head home for break until you realized that Christmas is in six days!!! If you still haven...

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Pug Mug

This cutie little pug stopped by campus the other day to wish us all luck on finals!<3

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Reflections on “Diversity” at College

Every other Sunday night, Colby students gather in Page Commons to listen to one senior, nominated by the student body, to tell his or her story to the Colby...