Nick Morriss

Where are you from?

Hastings on Hudson, a small town outside of New York City.

What is your major?

Psychology Major, with a Pre-Med focus.

Where do you live on campus?


Do you have any nicknames?

Johnny Bravo.

What is your favorite dining hall?

Dana, because they almost always have meat, and the Cap’n Crunch is on point.

What is your favorite Spa food?

The grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard.

Why did you choose to come to Colby?

I applied Early Decision to Colby because I walked onto campus and got the feeling that this was the place for me. During my short tour, everyone was smiling at the tour guide and the students. I felt like this was a community, and not just a campus, a group of intelligent and athletic people who love where they are.

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved in the obvious Colby Cares About Kids and a few Colby Outing Club endeavors. I’m also the president and founder of Strippers, a club for students with Type I Diabetes - which I have - and the Colby Weight Training Club, which is a supportive environment for both athletes and non-athletes to work out in a fun and encouraging way.

What has been your favorite part of your time at Colby so far?

Probably making it to the Miller steps both Dogheads only to have the sun being held up by the clouds both times. It was depressing but fun. A highlight was definitely eating breakfast in Dana afterwards.

Tell us about the Colby Strippers.

The Colby Strippers is a club founded to provide a support network diabetics undergoing transition from home to college life - eating, drinking, and stress - which can be challenging. It’s a community to discuss the challenges that college diabetics face, and raise general awareness about what it means to have diabetes in college.

Tell us about the Colby Weight Training Club.

That’s been my big project this year. It’s a lot of fun to work with other people involved and to figure out where the club is headed. We have upwards of one hundred members, and send out one newsletter a week with that week’s workout plan, nutrition, supplementation, and other weight training related topics. We aim to get more people interested in lifting or fitness and to be able to do so without a team. I think it’s important to provide, for both athletes and non-athletes, an environment in the gym where everyone feels that they have a place and a group of people to work out with.

What has been your favorite class, and who your favorite professor, so far?

My favorite class was Drugs, Brain, Behavior with my favorite professor Yeterian in the Psychology department. We focused on the effect of drugs, from caffeine to heroin, on the brain.

Do you have any plans after Colby?

I plan to go to medical school after graduation to become a doctor, probably a pediatrician of some form. I also want to work a bit beforehand.

Fun fact about yourself?

I once had an article written about me in the Westchester County paper called “Nick Morriss’ Big ‘D.’” It was actually about playing as a lacrosse defender during my senior year of high school - I was named the senior lacrosse player of the year.