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How to Avoid the “Finals 15”

The last few weeks of the semester are stressful-to say the least. With stress comes lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and way too much stress eating. Here are a few simple dining hall tips and tricks to avoid the BAD and fuel up on the GOOD…


  • Oatmeal- a nice warm bowl of oatmeal with a little brown sugar is a great way to wakeup and it will hold you over until lunch.
  • Yogurt- you can mix it with fruit, granola, cereal (for a lower calorie option), honey, or a little jam… there are tons of great options for toppings in all of the dining halls!
  • Omelet- eggs are full of protein and if you mix in some veggies as well, you will be good to go! (Dining halls also have egg whites available for more protein and lower fat content)
  • Peanut butter- on those days when you really just need to grab something and go, throw some peanut butter on a slice of toast or half and bagel and a piece of fruit!
  • Water- start drinking water as early as possible. Staying hydrated throughout the day is a must and water is a much healthier choice than overly sugary juices.


  • Veggies/salad bar- to make sure you don’t forget your daily dose of greens, try hitting up the salad bar first. Vegetables have a ton of fiber, so you’ll fill up on things that are good for you and may not be tempted by that greasy but comforting pizza (FYI: look around at all the offerings first– a lot of times there are great things to throw into a salad like grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, or sautéed veggies!).
  • Soup- one of the most underrated food options at Colby, the soups are usually super delicious and, for the most part, a healthy option.
  • More peanut butter- ah yes, more peanut butter. A staple in the dining hall– if you are in need of something quick on the way to your next class, a peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat is the way to go.


  • Snack baggies- these will be your best friend! One of the biggest pitfalls in college eating is when you eat more just because “you know you’ll be hungry later.” You don’t know that! It’s not later yet! If you are worried about staying up late and wanting something to munch on, fill up a baggie with some cereal, fruit, or veggies for later if you really do get hungry.
  • Stock up your dorm room- the vending machines are chock full of candy and empty calories (no nutritional value) so try to keep healthier options on hand in your room. Some yummy, low calorie, and nutritional snacks include: individual packets of nuts (Trader Joe’s has lots of choices), KIND bars (delicious and come in a ton of flavors), rice cakes, and fruit.

Best of luck to everyone in these last few weeks and always remember that your health is more important than any final! Nap time…


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