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Four Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

Whether you come to Colby from Canada or Southern California, there will be times when the long Maine winter gets to be too much. It’s not hard to get down after 4 straight days of below-freezing temperatures, gusty winds, and sunsets while you’re still in class. Here are some easy tips to avoid extended cases of the winter blues:

1. Redecorate

Hanging a new poster or some different colored lights can change things up when all the days seem similarly grey and frosty. Even working with your roommate to rearrange your room furniture can remind you of the warm, happy days of September.

2. Use your dorm kitchen

When I talked to some of my friends about what they liked doing in the winter, a lot of them brought up eating or making food, particularly baked goods. Whether you already have some go-to treats to make or you want to try something you just saw online, grab a few floor mates and finally use the kitchen. Added bonus: you have an excuse to hang out around heat.

3. Try something new at the gym

Even though it’s hard to motivate yourself to make the trek from your bed to the AC, staying (or getting) active can help fight off the winter gloom. You can go to a fitness class, start a new workout schedule with a friend, or use some of Colby’s facilities for the first time (rock wall, ice rink etc.).

4. Stay in the light

Light, often overlooked, plays a huge role in your mood. Light therapy is even used as a top treatment for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a type of depression that increases in the winter months. Whether you use candles, lamps, or Christmas lights, avoiding darkness in your room can literally keep your spirits bright!

Whatever you do, try to avoid hibernating. Given the conditions outside, it is really tempting to spend hours in bed, under your blanket, watching Netflix. While it might feel relaxing, falling into this routine only makes the winter seem longer and more unwelcoming.

Here’s to a happy winter!



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