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5 Workout Songs with Great Beats

Getting tired of your workout playlist? Look no further! These songs are guaranteed to spice up your routine.

1) “‘Till I Collapse“- Eminem

With a background beat similar to “We Will Rock You” and classic incredible rhythm and lyrics by Eminem, “‘Till I Collapse” is a great addition to your workout playlist. It will keep you motivated and filled with adrenaline due to the angry/punk vibe of the song and the cool contrast between the verses and the chorus.


2) “Wild for the Night (Explicit)“- A$AP Rocky

“Wild for the Night” is awesome because it has a constant beat in the background, but the intensity of the song builds, as will your workout! This is a perfect song for an interval or mountain-climbing workout on a cardio machine.


3) “7/11“- Beyoncé

Beyoncé is queen. So, that translates into her being Queen of your workout. Almost any Yoncé song is awesome for a workout because she’s so perfect talented, but this song is especially awesome because of it’s hip-hop feel. Also, if you watch the music video, you’ll immediately be inspired to go to a hip-hop class and dance like Beyoncé.


4) “Pop That” (Explicit) – French Montana

Hip-hop is always good for a hard workout because it’s usually fast and has a cool beat. “Pop That” is no exception. The instrumentals mixed with the beat in the background make for a really motivating workout song, especially if you’re trying to get anger out on the treadmill.


5) “6 Foot 7 Foot” (Explicit)- Lil Wayne

“6 Foot 7 Foot” is a unique song in general because it samples another song and uses it consistently throughout. The sample and the beat combined with Lil Wayne’s rapping make for a fail-proof pump-up song.



Kelley is a freshman at Colby college and future English major. Aside from writing for Her Campus, she enjoys spending time with friends, checking out all the hidden gems that Waterville has to offer (Walmart, especially) and getting by as a Gluten-Free girl in a pizza-ridden world.
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