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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

Like many other entertainment mediums, audio formats like podcasts, books, and radio have become more prevalent. With so much going on in a day, it is convenient to listen to someone talk while you walk around campus or manage to have free time. WCCU Radio, our local student-run campus station, makes shows available live on air and through a podcast format. 

I myself host a show on WCCU radio, so I am passionate about making these resources and entertainment known. Below, I will dive into some of my personal favorite shows that WCCU offers and shows I would highly suggest to a fellow college student!

To listen to these shows, use the Tune In app or for further questions, refer to https://www.coastal.edu/wccuradio/ or check out https://linktr.ee/wccuradio?fbclid=PAAaZbs2T0BQCKFqVRd-wfPNoz6UugVAYH1Z7MfAeICtD9a4v3c_WWY3Hz27A 

Teal Nation News

Tuesdays at 2 p.m. (as of Spring 2023)


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Are you wanting to know about campus wide events and updates before they pass? Are you too busy to read or look it up yourself? If yes, this show is for you!

Teal Nation News is the WCCU news show that highlights relevant news to our campus community. It keeps students in the loop of the latest Coastal Activities Board events, University deadlines, general announcements, and more. Many updates will pertain to alerting you on upcoming live performances, crafts, competitions, and more.

Sometimes I need background noise to study and not get distracted by what’s around me, and white noise just does not work. With Teal Nation News, you can easily focus along as you work. There are lots of elaboration and comedic moments that will keep you engaged while still being productive. The two hosts of Teal Nation News, Diamond and Danni, do a phenomenal job of keeping me engaged, and they keep it just as entertaining as it is informative!

What Cringes My Hinges

Fridays at 12 p.m. (as of Spring 2023)

Talk Show

What are your biggest peeves? What Cringes my Hinges dives deep into the biggest annoyances in life. On this WCCU Radio Show, listen to authentic and relatable rants.

As a commuter, I often lack social environments and want to just be a listening ear, but still feel like I am being understood. What Cringes my Hinges makes me feel as if I’m with a friend talking through our biggest red flags and things we avoid at all costs. It’s very therapeutic as I often hold my opinions back, but through the show I get to know myself and what I find irritating in a healthy environment.

CCU Unplugged

Talk Show

If you want to hear the latest discussions on campus, this is your show!

CCU Unplugged is a discussion panel that talks on college related or campus related topics. You can find discussions ranging from the quality of each building’s bathrooms to general episodes. Most speakers and hosts shift frequently, so you can always hear fresh perspectives on life and campus as a college student, and get to know the CCU Unplugged Crew.

I enjoy CCU Unplugged because it gets me started in my day as I drive. The unique crew always brings me a sense of fresh air and helps me get my day started as I make my way to campus. I am by no means a morning person, but CCU Unplugged created motivation for me to start a new day as a Chanticleer!

the Anti-social Butterfly

Wednesdays at 3 p.m. (as of Spring 2023)

Self-Help / Talk Show

Surprise! Shameless Plug-in Moment! 

Although the show’s name is a play on the cliche “Social Butterfly” and sounds rather cheesy, it is symbolic of my previous obstacles which many can relate to. People often struggle with comparison, not feeling equipped for a task, or just feel shy. In my show, I hope to create a safe space and allow people to see the beauty in themselves and us all being different. Everyone is beautiful, regardless if they fit into this “mold” we socially perceive.

My show focuses on making a community where me and guests can talk about our random interests. My goal is to create space with passionate people, where we each bring our vast strengths to the table. Here, talk about anything and everything, ranging from current events along with our hot takes to making tier lists of Barbie movies.If there is a week without a guest, I redirect the show as a self-help segment for motivating fellow students as I speak from the heart.

WCCU has a wide variety of content and has other shows ranging on topics from sports, news, and more. These shows are just the ones I find myself listening to most and highly suggest. 

Maci Kaye Anderson

Coastal Carolina '24

Maci Kaye is a Communication (PR) major and a Marketing minor at Coastal Carolina University. I am the editor of our Her Campus chapter, work as the Program Director of WCCU Radio, and am a member of Omicron Delta Kappa honors leadership society.