Hicks Hacks

As you all know, Hicks Dining hall on campus can be kind of limited and repetitive. They do a good job changing things up, but there’s only so much you can do while eating on campus. So I have asked students on campus for their best food creations from Hicks and the results are not disappointing. Here are the top ten things to try if you want to spice up your Hicks dining experience. Bon Appétit!


1. Lily’s Loaded Tots

This breakfast food creation is from Lily Bryant who takes tater tots or the hash brown from breakfast, smothers it in sausage gravy (from Homestyle), and tops it off with cheese and bacon from the salad dressing bar.



2. Yogurt Bowl Hack

Another breakfast go-to is making a yogurt bowl. There’s always yogurt at Hicks and a variety of fruit, but it's highly recommended to go for the strawberries in the morning. In addition to putting fruit and granola in your yogurt, grab the honey from the coffee station to drizzle on top.



3. Holly’s Breakfast Sandwich

To spice up your breakfast try this sandwich out. You can spruce up your omelet by cutting it up and putting it into a sandwich. Either toast a bagel and add your desired toppings or head over to the Deli. At the Deli get your bread toasted with cheese and bacon.



4. Grilled Chicken Salad

This simple meal is a great lunch go to. Make your favorite salad, and head over to the grill to grab a piece of grilled chicken. Shred it up and mix it in with your salad.



5. Justin’s Double Decker Sandwich

This sandwich is a great way to mix up your usual grill order for something a little more flavorful. Just order a double patty melt with a chicken patty in the middle for a new taste and more filling sandwich.



6. Chicken Parmesan

Get a piece of fried or grilled chicken from the grill and head over to the Pizza station. Grab some pasta noodles and add sauce. We recommend mixing both sauces for a new flavor and adding some spices to top it off. Use some cheese from the salad bar and heat it up in the microwave for something extra. Add some garlic bread by toasting some bread and adding butter, garlic salt, and basil.



7. Dean's Banana Split

You can make this any time of day at hicks, but always pay attention to the dessert line. There are a few rotating items that can change this dessert up. One recommendation is to take the apple pie, add vanilla ice cream, a banana, and top it off with a caramel drizzle.



8. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Take two cookies and just add ice cream to the middle.



9. Floats

Make any kind of float that you desire with ice cream and the soda fountain. You can make a classic root beer float or for a real southern staple try making a Cheerwine float.  



10. Teal Gatorade

And for the perfect drink for the perfect Teal Tuesday, mix together Fierce Grape and Lemon Lime Gatorade.