7 Things to Remember this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday loved by many as a time to get together with family you may not have seen for a while. Thanksgiving is also a stressful time for some people as they may not always get along. This Thanksgiving here’s some things to keep in mind to help keep the peace and your sanity:



This is a time to look back on memories and laugh with your family. Everyone has a difference in political opinions and some feel more strongly about their opinion than others. If your family is able to have that discussion without someone yelling and throwing the rolls, then good for you. Now if your family gets into heated arguments, maybe save that discussion for another time so everyone can enjoy each other’s company. 


2. Do Not Comment on Weight

Very commonly during the holidays, there is always some relative that loves to comment on your weight or other’s weight. Someone’s weight is a very sensitive topic and something someone does not want to be brought up especially at Thanksgiving. Also, don’t be that person commenting on a relative’s weight, it is rude and could make that person upset for the rest of the evening. 


3. Relationship Status

Every holiday relatives always ask if you have a significant other. The answers may vary but in reality, it is none of their concern and shouldn’t be asked at every family function. You do not have to talk about your relationship status. If you are not in a relationship do not let family pressure you into feeling like you have to be in one.


4. Family Scandals

This should be common sense but do not bring up family scandals, it can be embarrassing. Odds are it will start an argument as well and will make it an unenjoyable evening. Nobody wants their past to be brought up and thrown in their faces, so keep it in the past.  


5. Sex

Nobody wants to hear about your sex life and what you did last weekend. You have no idea who will be listening and I’m sure your Grandma definitely does not want to hear about it. Keep your sex life private between you and the person and everything will be good. 


6. Don’t be a Food Critic

If someone brings or makes food that they worked hard on don’t tear them down. If it is something you don’t like, don’t eat it. The cook doesn’t want to see you cough up their cooking in a napkin, it’s extremely insulting. 


7. Enjoy Being with your Family

This is a time to be with family and reflect on fun and happy memories. Be thankful for all of those in your life and make more fun memories. Try and keep the peace and your sanity intact and if it becomes a toxic environment leave for your own wellbeing.