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10 Daily Tasks to keep you Looking and Feeling Healthier

1. Start your day with a full glass of water

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before and chose to ignore it, but you should probably start listening. Put a glass of water with lemon beside your bed at night so as soon as you wake up you can drink it. This is proven to help with mood, energy, and metabolism throughout the day.

2.10-minute morning pick-up routine

Make your bed, put your clothes away instead of letting them pile up on ~the chair~, clean the dishes that have to be hand washed, make your desk or workspace clear so you can hammer down when you get back, and wipe down any potentially dirty surfaces with a Lysol wipe. Trust me, you won’t want to skip these step during flu season.

3. Open your curtain/shades

Let that sunshine shine through. It will brighten your day, and if you stick to this, you might be able to keep a plant alive.

4. 30-minute workout routine

You may hate this idea during the workout, but you know you’ll love it after. Find a monthly challenge workout, follow a workout video, or even just do some ab work in the comfort of your own room. There are plenty of ways to make this a cheap, beneficial habit.

5. Emergen-C Vitamin C in powder form that you mix up in water.

Meant to boost your immune system, I swear by this (and so does my athletic trainer) when it comes to staying healthy. I recommend the raspberry or orange flavor.

6. Eat a power food Every Day

This step is a must to keep your body going, especially for those extra-long days. It’s as easy as putting spinach in your salad, making a smoothie out of blueberries, or adding honey to your coffee.

7. Cleanout your Emails.

My inbox currently has 967 unread emails. It is an inconvenient, unhealthy nuisance. Don’t be like me.

8. Meditate for 30 minutes.

Perfect for when you need to cool down from a long day. Remember meditating doesn’t just mean “meditation”- a podcast, yoga class, or deep breathing session can be just as beneficial.

9. Use Coconut Oil.

Cheaper and quicker than everything it can replace! Use it as body lotion, a hair mask, makeup remover, and so. Much. More.

10. Try out a “sleep perfume”

My favorite way to relax and get ready for bed. Try using a candle, essential oil, or bath bomb to calm the nerves. 





Holly McGrath

Coastal Carolina '22

Holly McGrath is attending Coastal Carolina University as a double major in Intelligence & National Security Studies and Psychology with a pre-law minor. Originally from Connecticut, she is a Boston sports loving, snow hating, Dunkin' drinking New Englander. As a student-athlete on the Dance Team she always has her Chants up! When not on campus you can find her at the outlets or by the pool.
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