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A Week-Long, Self-Care Experiment: Eating Well & Exercise

We’re heading into midterms season yet again, and I’ve found myself going back and forth from 100% self-care to no care at all. I’ve been eating well occasionally, and working out pretty randomly. Lately, I’ve been craving a bit more of a routine, and I think I’ve finally found one. I exercised and ate well for one week, and here’s how I felt.

Saturday: I’ve been working out on and off for the past week, but I need more than spurratic workouts. I’m tired of feeling gross, so today, I decided to start a routine. I grocery shopped for some good fruits, and food for this week, and got a full hour-long workout today. It was great, but also felt incredibly sweaty and gross. 

Sunday: I felt really sore this morning, so I slept in a bit to savor the weekend. I drank a ton of water to wake myself up; I worked out and got a workout in, I still feel gross, but it feels good to get up and move. I also calculated my macros today! Hurray for fueling your body!

A quick side note on macronutrients (aka “macros”):

I love counting macros. I feel like it’s different than a diet in that you’re just following what you consume. You track fact, carbs, protein, and calories. The idea is to know the specifics of what your body needs to thrive. Although it does take time to adjust, I’ve never felt starved when tracking correctly. It’s incredibly easy to track, and there are tons of websites about calculating what you need!

Monday: My early afternoon class was cancelled, so I slept in again (#selfcaredontcare). I got a workout in before hitting the lib, and I really noticed a difference. I feel that I was much more focused, and a bit less jittery while I was working. I also brought some healthy snacks and drank a ton of water while I studied. Feeling full and productive was an awesome combo.

Counting those macros actually makes a difference. At first I’m hungry, but it’s really just my body adjusting to what actually works for me. Because I had a bit more free time today, I actually had a heart to heart with myself and gave myself some extra time before bed to stretch I really thought about why I wanted to do this: it’s all about caring for my body, and listening to what it needs. It’s all about living a healthy lifestyle, and feeling good. I’ve purposely not stepped on a scale, which has been refreshing.

Tuesday: Accidentally slept though my alarm this morning. I still ate well, and still tracked, but had a really emotional day. I’ve been feeling drained lately. I didn’t want to work out today, especially becuase I had to do it later in the day. I had a pretty bad headache and I was sore all day. When I got home, I got some shorts on and did a full 30 min workout with extra stretching to get rid of this soreness. Afterwards, I felt much better, and I’m glad I didn’t throw in the towel.

Wednesday: Listen, I know this is supposed to pay off soon, but I am tired and sore… but in a good way. I’m finding that I’m more hungry for foods that are good and wholesome for my body instead of gallons of coffee (it’s just pints now). My muscles are sore, but I feel like I’m holding myself a bit taller, and walking more confidently. I feel strong, even after just a bit of consistency.

Thursday: It was a busy day. I was able to get a workout in before classes, which was a great start to the day. Eating well is sort of meh. I definitely indulged today, which made me feel pretty gross by the end of the day.

Friday: It’s offically been two weeks of self-care, and I’m honestly noticing changes. My skin is clearning up, I feel stronger, and I’m starting to feel much better physically. I’m actually looking forward to working out, regardless of when in the day I have time for it. I’m loving feeling good, even if I’m still stressing about school.

I’ve really enjoyed this week and really solidifying a routine for myself. Finding a routine in the craziness that is university is extemely important. I’m still pretty stressed mentally and emotionally, but starting a routine, and caring for my self is slowly taking away a lot of extra stresses I may not think about every day. I’m feeling better about myself, from the inside out.  

Although this was just a week-long experience, I’m definitely sticking with it. 

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