Four Body-Positive Habits to Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

In a society controlled by the unrealistic expectations of social media, it’s quite easy to get caught up in a negative cycle of thoughts – especially towards our bodies. We are constantly pushing and criticizing ourselves to become the best person we can be when, in reality, we forget to be kind to ourselves, which ultimately sets us back from that self-growth that we’re striving for. Here are some helpful body-positive habits to incorporate into your daily routine that will help cultivate a newfound love for yourself!

Set positive, loving reminders to yourself throughout the day

You can do this by setting reminders on your cell phone, changing your wallpaper to a positive quote that really speaks to you, or even putting some sticky notes on the side of your mirror – anything that you know you’ll see everyday and won’t overlook. Setting these reminders for yourself throughout the day will help you change that negative thought-cycle to positive one.

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Tell yourself three things you love about your body every morning

You can do this in front of the mirror, as well, and if you decide to put the positive sticky notes on the side of your mirror, be sure to say them out loud to yourself. It may feel funny at first but hearing yourself say these affirmations aloud and putting that intention out into the world will have a stronger positive impact than if you just read them off of a piece of paper.

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Limit your time on social media

--and unfollow any accounts that may be promoting unrealistic body expectations. Instead, replace them with body-positive accounts that aim to uplift and empower women of all body types. Surrounding yourself with a positive social media feed can really help create that healthier mindset--even on a subconscious level--which will ultimately reflect in the way you start to carry and look at yourself.

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Practice gratitude

A great way to ensure a body-positive attitude is by practicing gratitude. We can often get caught up in the cycle of “I wish my body looked like this” and “I hate this flaw on my body” instead of thinking about all the great things our body does for us. It nourishes us, works to keep us healthy and alive, and is the vessel that allows us experience so many of life’s greatest moments. Be sure to step back and appreciate all the little things about your beautiful, unique body. 

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Hopefully, you’ll try and incorporate some, if not all, of these healthy body-positive habits into your lifestyle now that you’ve read more about them. I can speak from personal experience that these habits, though small and simple, can do wonders to boost our love and appreciation for our bodies and help us work towards the best version of ourselves.