5 Ways to Procrastinate Doing Your Homework

There are hundreds of articles on HerCampus, BuzzFeed, WikiHow, and many other sites to give you steps on how not to procrastinate and get your work done. I think it's time to turn this idea on it's head and give the people what they want; an article on how not to be studious. So here are five of many ways you can put off your homework for a little bit longer:

5. Annoy Your Friends

Be annoying and distract your friends from their studies by texting them funny memes, FaceTiming them, or asking them to hang out. Laugh and enjoy your interactions with them as you push the thought of homework out of your mind and you smile to hide the pain. If you get together in real life, go get some ice cream, see a movie, take a walk together, or anything else that will take up hours. If you're going to procrastinate, why not do it with someone who makes you smile?

4.  Netflix & Kill Time

This does not necessarily pertain to Netflix exclusively. If you're not lucky enough to have Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon Prime, YouTube works just fine. Pop some popcorn if you're feeling fancy, and find your favorite place to relax. Go to your list on any of these sites and spend hours watching new shows and movies to distract yourself from your impending studies.

3. Eat

Eating is a basic human need. Why not make it more convoluted to waste more time (while you throw furtive glances at your undone homework)? Turn it into a process by taking the time to cook something simple like pancakes, or buy a subpar meal on campus. Take it back to your dorm/apartment/house and set a placemat, or if you don't have a placemat just set down a plate (plastic is fine), put cutlery on each side, and pour your drink into whatever cup you have. If you want to be super extra and possibly break the rules of your housing contract, set a delicious-smelling candle to add some ambiance. Set your table, sit down, and have yourself a meal as you forget about your homework.

2. Social Media

Of course I couldn't forget about social media, also known as the vices of our generation. Whether it's Twitter, Tumblr, or YouTube, find a warm place to curl up and spend hours on your phone scrolling through endless pictures, posts, and inside jokes that your parents would never understand. Start Twitter fights, laugh at old vines, and slowly push your homework off the bed as you watch more and more videos on the weird side of YouTube. By the time you escape your social media stupor your eyes will be drier than a desert and you'll be ready for bed.

1. Sleep

Sleep is your body's gift to yourself. It is one of the few periods of uninterrupted bliss, and when you wake up you feel like a new person. So if you're looking for the ultimate procrastination, put on your thick socks, turn on the heater, and snuggle into bed. Set your phone alarm for an hour or two (or don't) and blissfully avoid your homework.