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Chloe Ting - a name you have probably heard of, either from a friend or on social media. She created a series of at-home workout videos on YouTube which included different challenges, routines, and schedules. She became very popular over quarantine because people (including myself) were bored and in desperate need of a way to release all that pent-up energy.  

I did the two of the Chloe Ting challenges over the summer and actually survived. My friends and I even made a fun game out of it and did some workouts over Zoom together. We all felt a sense of community and were able to encourage each other during the workout. The first challenge I did was the two-week shred and it was TOUGH. It was the first workout schedule I had ever followed and I liked the routine of it. She had a schedule for the whole two weeks, which I enjoyed, because I liked knowing what I would be doing each day. This workout in particular did not have a specified time of the day when you had to complete it, so I appreciated the flexibility so that I could do it when it best fit my schedule.  She included two of what she called “active rest days,” where we didn’t have a routine to follow, but she still encouraged us to be active, and those days were something to look forward to!  

On active rest days, I spent some of my day either going on a walk around my neighborhood or playing tennis. The workouts ranged from toning abs and arms to whole body workouts. I muted her video and put on my own music, which made the time go by faster. Each day lasted anywhere from 10-50 minutes. I definitely noticed results and felt more toned by the end of it. 

The second challenge I did was the 25 day Slim Thigh Challenge. This one was all about legs. To me, it was a little easier than the ab challenge because I don’t like cardio and this one had less of it. These videos also ranged from about 15-40 minutes. 

Overall, I am glad I did it and held myself accountable. I’ve never been one to work out every day, but I am glad I got into the habit because I felt healthier and like I was accomplishing something, even while being stuck at home. I would for sure recommend trying it out, you never know what might happen after two weeks or 25 days!


Eadon Lee

Clemson '21

Hi, I'm Eadon! I'm from Sumter, SC and currently a junior marketing major/psychology minor at Clemson. My fav spot in Clemson is definitely the dikes (best view in town) and a funnn fact: I met Taylor Swift in fourth grade!
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