The Cutest Christmas Cookies to Leave for Santa This Year!

With the holiday season coming so quickly, it’s officially time to start celebrating the best time of the year. Whether you’re a star baker or brand new to the kitchen, one of the best parts of Christmas time is making festive cookies. There’s nothing better than an activity that involves the holidays, being artsy, and eating sweets. Gather your friends and family to try out these pretty and delicious treats!

  1. 1. The Clauses

    A staple of any Christmas movie or story can now be the staple of your Christmas cookie display. You can’t have a Christmas without Santa!

  2. 2. The Traditional Tree

    One of the classics has to be the Christmas tree. You can add lights and ornaments of any color to make your tree unique.

  3. 3. A White Christmas

    If you’re looking to put a spin on the classic tree, you can make it with white and pastel for more of a chic look.

  4. 4. Snowmen & Gingerbread Men Faces

    Once you put Frosty’s face on a cookie, it just might be too cute to eat!

  5. 5. The Grinch

    You can use The Grinch as inspiration for your cookies or any other favorite Christmas movie to inspire your design!

  6. 6. Christmas Lights

    You can’t have a great Christmas tree without lights, and now, you can let them light up your kitchen!

  7. 7. Snowflakes

    Though it probably won’t snow this Christmas here in South Carolina, you can pretend it is while making these snowflake cookies.

  8. 8. Candy Canes

    You can even add peppermint into the cookie batter so that it tastes like a candy cane, too!