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The Best Recipe Sites for the Amateur College Cook

Let’s be honest, dining hall food isn’t glamorous and eating out constantly is a perfectly efficient way to spend all your savings. Aside from the fact that cooking is super therapeutic, it’s also a creative way to save money, stay healthy and devote yourself to a little bit of artistry. Here are five of the best recipe sites to inspire your inner chef!

  1. 1. Skinny Taste -

    Skinny Taste is definitely my personal favorite. It features simple, healthy and family-friendly meal ideas for every diet imaginable. Developer Gina Homolka markets a food philosophy centered around eating clean and controlling portions. If you love to feel good about the ingredients you’re putting into your body, these are the recipes for you!

    Favorites: Skinny Shrimp Salsa, Chicken Zucchini Stir Fry, Buddha Bowl

  2. 2. Minimalist Baker -

    For the always busy and often stressed college student, the Minimalist Baker has perfected the idea of quick, easy-to-prepare meals. Every recipe is either ten ingredients or less, a single portion, or has a maximum of 30 minutes to prepare. It redefines the word baker to mean more than just desserts and they post new recipes every three days with a mix of savory AND sweet! It’s also inclusive of all kinds of dietary needs from gluten-free to vegan and all things plant-based. 

    Favorites: Crispy Cajun Baked Fries, Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet, Coconut Curry Ramen

  3. 3. Simply Recipes -

    Simply Recipes is passionate about the foods they create, developing them in-house and inspired by the produce in their garden. They stress reliable recipes that help you create a meal that feels like home. 

    Favorites: Caprese Pasta Salad, Easy Fish Tacos, Lemon Blueberry Scones

  4. 4. Budget Bytes -

    Budget Bytes is a college students’ best friend. It does absolutely everything; from meal plans to meal prep to pantry staples. If anyone can understand the struggles of saving money and living modestly, it’s blogger Beth Moncel. Learn to track your foods and spending with recipes that have the prices already listed. 

    Favorites: Quick Garlic Butter Shrimp, Sesame Cucumber Salad, French Bread Pizza


  5. 5. Love & Olive Oil -

    Of all the sites I’ve talked about, this is probably the cutest. Love & Olive Oil follows a husband and wife’s journey through creative cooking. They also blog about their crazy cool adventures all over the world and the food they follow. They put an exotic twist on easy meals that’ll make your college cooking feel a little more foreign.

    Favorites: Meyer Lemon Bars, Viet Fajitas, Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowls

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Happy cooking!