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4 Productive Ways to Fight Midterm Stress

4 Productive Ways to Fight Midterm Stress
Ah yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year. No, I'm not talking about fall, Halloween, or the 
impending holiday season. It's...MIDTERM SEASON!
Okay. Everything is actually awful and it feels like all of your professors collectively got together 
to personally attack you. If you're like me, you're probably sitting in the middle of the floor in a 
pile of textbooks and empty RedBull cans, sobbing while eating raw cookie dough. However, 
there are probably more productive ways to get through this time. 
Here are 4 of the easiest ways to battle stress that actually help productivity:
1. Napping:
I know it seems like you have absolutely no time to sleep,  but if you haven't had 
enough, your brain won't function properly. I might sound like a lecturing mother, but even a 
20 minute nap has been shown to increase productivity. It also has been shown to make you 
look like less of a zombie, so there's also that...
2. Drinking Green Tea:
Green tea has been linked to loads of health benefits, including 
cancer prevention, weight loss, and, most importantly, stress relief. The caffeine in green tea 
will give you a much needed boost without sending you crashing into a dark pit of oblivion 
and despair a few hours later like your third can of Monster. 
3. Working Out:
You've heard this a million times, but fitting in even a short work out will make 
you more alert and less stressed. Plus, you'll be working off some of the calories from all of 
those snacks from the Cooper vending machine. 
4. Playing with animals!
Nothing makes you feel better than love from an adorable pet. Either 
borrow one from a neighbor for an hour, or check out a local animal shelter! If you do the 
latter, you'd be helping animals in need while also fighting stress!
Take all of these into account in the following weeks, and good luck on your exams!!
Laura Robinson is a Junior at Clemson University studying English with minors in Education, History, and Legal Studies. Originally from Boston, MA, her life revolves around Dunkin Donuts, trashy reality TV, channeling Blair Waldorf, and putting random things in online shopping carts that she will never actually purchase.
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