15 Lists to Make When Life Gets Overwhelming

When life gets overwhelming, STOP. Just make a list!

If you’re having a hard day, just pull out a pen and paper and write some lists. If you’re overwhelmed with school, just make a list of things you need to get done. You don’t have to write lists for overwhelming situations. If you want to do it for fun, go for it! I tend to make lists on baby names, wedding ideas, vacation ideas, etc.

Some lists are fun while others are serious. Buy a notebook that will be special to you and start making your list. Make your lists special and meaningful. Make your lists something you can look back at and just let out your stress. Maybe make your list something that will make you smile or laugh when you look back at it.

  1. 1. Things You’re Good At

    Maybe you’re good at soccer or a good listener. It can be anything, even a cool trick that maybe nobody else can do.

  2. 2. A Bucket List of Things To Do / Places To Go

    This is a good one because I tend to think of places I want to go, and 30 minutes later, I can’t remember the place I was thinking of. A list of this is such a good idea

  3. 3. Travel Packing List

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made packing lists. It’s a lot easier to have a packing list you can always go back and refer to instead of making a new one each time you are packing for a trip

  4. 4. Gift Ideas for Others

    I am a pretty forgetful person, so as soon as I see something that I know my roommates will love, I quickly take a picture or jot it down in the notes section of my iPhone so I don’t forget.

  5. 5. TV series/ Movies You Want to Watch

    My list includes Friends, Breaking Bad, The Edge of Seventeen, and Frozen 2. I have an entire section on Netflix with other shows and movies I want to see.

  6. 6. Inspirational Quotes

    There are multiple quotes that have stuck with me throughout the years and I love to go back and look at them. It de-stresses me and helps me get in a better mood

  7. 7. Random Acts of Kindness

    This always makes me so happy to look at because I love doing little acts of kindness for people

  8. 8. Things You've Accomplished This Year

    Maybe you’ve lost a couple of pounds or eaten 67 tacos since January 1st…. Whatever it may be, list it!

  9. 9. Things You Love About Yourself

    I love my smile, my hair, and my ability to make others laugh when I tell them jokes. Whatever you love about yourself, make a list about it.

  10. 10. Words of Wisdom

    List some things that you can share with someone to help them feel better regardless of the situation… I know you have some!

  11. 11. Wedding Ideas

    I don’t know about you, but it is never too early to make ideas for your dream wedding.

  12. 12. Baby Names

    When the times comes for kids, you may draw a blank of some of the names you liked in the past… or maybe that’s just me. Whatever it is, start now and make a list of baby names you are really interested in.

  13. 13. Things You Want to Learn

    Maybe you always wanted to speak a language or make sushi. Well, that’s great! You can make a list so that you’re guaranteed to make sure it’s done

  14. 14. Things You're Grateful For

    This is a list that is easier said than done. One thing I’m always grateful for is my family, even though my family is also one of the reasons I get stressed. Make a list. It’ll make you calmer.

  15. 15. Lists to Make

    I don’t think anything is better than making a list of lists to make

Lists normally give me satisfaction from being able to check things off at the end. Maybe it will give you the same satisfaction. You never know until you try!