13 Spooky Treats For a Tasty Halloween

~Spooky Season~ means scary Netflix binges, Instagram posts of Halloween costumes, and lots and lots of yummy treats. Yes, we could all pick up a bag of candy at our local grocery store and call it a day, but why ignore all of the incredible options Pinterest has to offer? Whether you're hosting friends for the weekend or having a party of one, check out these spooky snacks! 

  1. 2. Scary Good Brownies

  2. 3. Healthy and Spooky? Groundbreaking!

  3. 4. A FANG-Tastic Snack!

  4. 5. VOODOO You Love These Cookies?

  5. 6. A Poison Apple as Black as My Heart

  6. 7. A Jack-O'-Pepper! 

  7. 8. A Pretzel Monster Mash!

  8. 9. A Witch's Broom or a Yummy Treat? Why Not Both?

  9. 10. Did You ~HEAR~ About These?

  10. 11. These Creepy Crawlies Are Welcome at Any Party!

  11. 12. The Nightmare Before Pie Night

  12. 13. You'd Never Ghost These Strawberries