What to Do When You're Sick

If you didn’t already notice everyone on campus is sick!  Cold season is definitely upon us and the sudden change in temperature is not helping.  If you are feeling under the weather, follow these tips to get back to health asap.

1.      Drink tea


This is the time to steal all the tea from the caf.  To really help with your sore throat, load up on honey.  If the caf honey isn’t cutting it, then check out the honey sold by the Local Root on Wednesdays!

2.      Avoid Sharing Germs


Maybe avoid kissing and sharing beverages as much as possible when you’re sick or if someone you know if sick.  It’s just a recipe for disaster.

3.      Eat Soup and Load Up on Veggies


Chow down on anti-inflammatory foods and eat plenty of veggies.  The caf is always serving soup so you should check out the flavor of the day!

4.      Get Your Vitamin C


Vitamin C is your best friend when you’re sick.  If you don’t get enough naturally, take a supplement.  They are available over the counter at CVS, Big Y, and more!

5.      Rest Up


Running yourself ragged is not going to help you heal.  Make sure to get plenty of rest when you can.

6.      Take a Hot Shower


In the morning or evening after classes, take a hot shower to clear out your sinuses.

7.      Wash Your Hands and Sanitize


With all these sicknesses going around campus, but sure to keep your hands clean by washing them and carrying hand sanitizer with you.

8.      Eucalyptus Essential Oil


If you can get some of this, out it on a hot cloth and allow it to naturally clear your sinuses.

Get well soon, collegiettes!