Top 10 Tips to Keep from Getting Sick

It’s that time of year again when colds are being passed around and handed out like cars from Oprah Winfrey. Let’s be honest, at this point in the semester, collegiettes just don’t have time to get sick. Follow our tips and tricks to stay healthy and avoid the cold and flu like the plague!



Lose the booze. Alcohol can interfere with your sleep cycle and you’re much more likely to get sick when you’re not getting a full (quality) eight hours.

Hit the bottle! Instead of grabbing a drink next weekend, pick up a water bottle and hydrate to drown the germs. Throw in a packet of Emergen-C for good measure.

Don’t be so handsy. The railings in the AC get a lot of traffic this time of year and not as much cleaning as surfaces like sinks. Keep your hands to yourself, to be on the safe side!



Call it a day. Sleep is your strongest defense against a cold or flu. Your body needs seven to eight hours on a normal night, but It needs even more to kick your immune system into high gear, so give it what it wants, and get to sleep!

Use your dishwasher. If you live in Blackstone or in an off-campus apartment take advantage of your dishwasher, especially the sanitize cycle. The high heat will kill stubborn germs. Don’t have a dishwasher? Find a friend who will let you throw your Nalgene in hers, it will make a difference – and while you’re at it, throw out the sponge that’s been sitting on your sink since the end of September!

Wash up! Need a reason to go to Bath and Body Works? How about their mini hand sanitizers! With so many scents to choose from, and their 5 for $6 deal, you can’t go wrong. Even better are the cute PocketBac holders!



Ditch your friends… but only when they’re sick! It’s great to bring your roomie a large tea from Jazzman’s, but to be on the safe side, stick to your side of the room. Two sick roommates are never better than one.

Breathe easy. The air in a college dorm is dry, and even worse, has been circulated through your building too many times to count. Studies show that germs survive and spread more easily through dry air. Fight the flu by investing in this Mini Portable Bottle Cap Humidifier. It comes in four different colors, is only $12, and is easily the best investment I’ve made all year.

Disinfect like it’s your job. Invest in a family size bottle of Clorox Wipes and pass them out like Halloween candy. Don’t forget the doorknobs! If worst comes to worst, check out this recipe for vodka disinfecting spray (seriously!).



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Stay healthy, collegiettes!