The Tampon You Need: Just.

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just. has simplified your period drama and created a simple choice for your protection at that time of the month.

"We're here to give you uncomplicated 100% cotton core tampons and ultra thin pads, so you can spend more time living your life, not stressing your choices," the brand states.

just. was created for women who want simple protection from their periods made from simple ingredients. These tampons are fully from a cotton core with a polyester thread and polypropylene fiber for braid strength. The pads are also from 100% cotton for comfort with a absorbent core of gel adn wood cellulose and a layer of polyethylene and polypropylene to stop blood from reaching your underwear.

And that's not it: there's no dyes, fragrances, or cholorine bleaching. They're not needed, and your body doesn't need it either!

Three ingredients - that's it.

With a place on many top ten and top five best tampon lists, these products are bound to deliver. 

"It's bloody simple."