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3 Ways To Succeed In Any College Course

Hello everyone, long time no see!!! 
After a long semester of hard work and sleepless nights, it is finally time to relax and take a break (unless you are taking summer classes like myself). The semester has finally come to an end and we can say that now it is time to reflect on what you can improve on for next semester. 
As a student who went to five different high schools and has attended three different colleges, I have been exposed to a variety of professors, learning styles, and environments. Throughout these transitions, I have had to learn to adapt quickly especially because of the importance of my education. From all of these different changes I have come up with three tips that have allowed me to succeed in any given course and so far it has been working out very well. 
In my opinion following these three tips have paid off tremendously and have set me apart as a student in the classroom and beyond. 
1. Sit in the front row.
As simple as this might sound, I know a few who refuse to ever seat in the front of the classroom. Seating in the front forces you to stay alert of what is happening in the classroom and prevents you from falling asleep right in front of your professor. I am not saying that this is going to get you an A, but it will definitely keep you alert throughout the class and will demonstrate to the professor that the subject matters to you. 
2. Do what it says in the syllabus.
Again as simple as this might be, I cannot help but think about the different times where I used to find myself asking the professor it was double space or not when in reality it says it on the syllabus. Read the syllabus. Become friends with it because the majority of the time professors spend so much time working on it that the last thing they want is for their students to ignore it. As a student, if you follow the instructions accordingly it is very difficult not to succeed in a class. 
3. Build a connection with your professor and classmates. Get to know those surrounding you know because you never know when you are going to need their support. To stand out in the classroom, it is crucial to get to know your professor beyond the subject matter. Throughout my career, I have been able to build incredible connections with my professors and they have been able to help me in many different ways. Make sure you understand their viewpoints and make sure they get to know where you are coming from. Overall, being able to get to know those in the classroom serves as a great resource to use. 
As a whole, it is important to mention that these tips do not guarantee you an A. However, I am recommending them because so far they have worked for me in many different aspects. I have been applying this personal philosophy for several years now, especially this last semester and it has been a total success. 
Hello there! My name is Valerie Diaz and I am a junior at Clark University. I am a curly hair enthusiast and I am a strong believer of being positive about everything in life. I love to explore different places, read books about self development and eat gummy worms.
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