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Now that Fall Break is over, we’re just about halfway through the fall semester. This time can be pretty crazy with midterms and projects, and knowing that there are still about 8 weeks left in the semester isn’t always super comforting. It’s clear that most Clarkies are feeling the mid semester slump, and here’s how we know: 

  1. You keep reminding yourself, “35 days until the next break…” 
  2. The library is super crowded (thanks, midterms) 
  3. The gym is less crowded
  4. You’re constantly wondering if you can skip/skim class readings whereas you did them all at the beginning of the semester
  5. Group projects are kicking in and due dates are creeping up
  6. It’s dark before you leave for your 6pm classes
  7. Dining dollars are running low but you NEED that coffee from Jazzman’s
  8. You have to start thinking about holiday gifts already
  9. You start calculating what you need to get on the rest of your assignments to get a certain grade in your course
  10. The heat has come on in all of the dorms and it is hot as HELL
Kelly is a student at Clark University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies and Communications with a minor in Business Management. When Kelly is not in class, you can find her working in the Education Department at The Hanover Theatre, teaching Zumba classes and dancing her heart out with Clark University's Dance Society. Her favorite color is pink (especially Her Campus pink!) and she loves everything monogrammed. Kelly enjoys spending time with her friends, family, boyfriend, and two adorable cats. Kelly is thrilled to be a new Campus Correspondent alongside one of her best friends, Ciara Kilian. Follow along with her on Instagram and Twitter @kellrour HCXO!
Haley is a student at Clark University studying Management with plans to pursue an MBA. On campus you can find Haley working as an assistant in the President's Office, or dancing (like nobody's watching!) with Clark University Dance Society. Beyond campus she loves her cat, her cousins, and chocolate. Her favorite color is pink, and she could watch The Mindy Project for days. Haley is looking forward to being a part of the Her Campus Clark team!
Samantha Coleman is a student at Clark University, in the midst of pursuing a degree in English and Women and Gender Studies. She thoroughly enjoys reading and analyzing literature, especially literature that pertains to the impacts of women on society, which she knows is a hefty impact! Among reading, she is an avid writer, where she creates works that help women feel confident in their own skin. You can find her stretching out on a yoga mat, catching up on personal reading, or throwing punches at a boxing gym. While she hopes to pursue a career in teaching English literature, Samantha is very excited to write for Her Campus.
Annabelle is a Senior at Clark University, finishing her undergraduate studies in Business Management, and starting her MBA studies in the 5th year accelerated degree program at Clark. She loves fashion, photography, and writing!
Isabelle is a student at Clark University, who has declared as a Cultural Studies and Communications major and a minor in sociology. She is a yoga instructor at Clark, as well as the manager for the Clark Field Hockey team. She has a deep love for sea turtles, the free people Instagram account, and card making. When she isn’t procrastinating school work she can be found on the sidelines of Clark athletics events, or hanging out with friends and family. Isabelle is really excited to be a contributing member of the Her Campus team. 
Gaby is an undergraduate student at Clark University majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Race and Ethnic Relations. On campus, she is a goalkeeper on Clark's field hockey team, a mentor and member of the curriculum team for All Kinds of Girls, and a volunteer for Youth Outreach- Worcester. When she's not worrying about school, she enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to music, and catching up on her favorite Netflix shows (specifically Jane the Virgin and How to Get Away With Murder). Gaby is very excited to be a part of the Clark Her Campus team!  
Oliva is an undergraduate student the Clark University studing Envroinmetnal Science on a 3/2 Engineering track for Columbia University. On campus she is a foward for the field hockey team and an outfeilder for the softball team. In her free time she enjoys catching up on novels and tv shows when not studing. Some of her favorite shows include Once Upon a Time, House of Cards, Bones, and Arrow. Olivia is extremly happy to be a part of the Clark chapter of Her Caampus.
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