10 Signs That You’ve Reached the Middle of the Semester

Now that Fall Break is over, we're just about halfway through the fall semester. This time can be pretty crazy with midterms and projects, and knowing that there are still about 8 weeks left in the semester isn't always super comforting. It's clear that most Clarkies are feeling the mid semester slump, and here's how we know: 

  1. You keep reminding yourself, "35 days until the next break…" 
  2. The library is super crowded (thanks, midterms) 
  3. The gym is less crowded
  4. You’re constantly wondering if you can skip/skim class readings whereas you did them all at the beginning of the semester
  5. Group projects are kicking in and due dates are creeping up
  6. It’s dark before you leave for your 6pm classes
  7. Dining dollars are running low but you NEED that coffee from Jazzman’s
  8. You have to start thinking about holiday gifts already
  9. You start calculating what you need to get on the rest of your assignments to get a certain grade in your course
  10. The heat has come on in all of the dorms and it is hot as HELL