Who is Your Hero?

The question “who is your hero” is the classic second grade writing prompt that we were all given as kids. We would sit at our germ-infested desks and write a couple of choppy sentences about firefighters or the lady at Walmart who scans cereal boxes at lightning-fast pace with our tie-dye pencils we had purchased from the book fair. 

If you were a little troublemaker like me, you would write your hero paper about your mom or dad and include a self-drawn family portrait at the bottom to earn yourself brownie points for the terrible trouble you had gotten yourself in the night before, to save yourself the punishment you had waiting for you when you got home. The final touches were made, the papers were turned in, and the assignment was over…but was it really?

Though the prompt seemed simple, it challenged our classes to really think about the loved ones in our lives whom we most admired, some of us for the first time in our little lives. It has been eleven  years since I sat in that third grade chair. Still to this day, I ponder with this prompt – this prompt that is old as time and will always spark a memory of that one certain person who, in your eyes, is a hero.

In my life, I have had many different heroes, depending on my stage of life; though there have been a handful that have always been a constant.

My Mom has been my hero for always knowing how to get stains out of my clothes and making anything, yes anything, an adventure.

My Dad has been my hero for never letting me forget how much he loves and supports me.

My dog has been my hero for welcoming me with floppy ears and a sloppy kiss, no matter how many times I leave her for months on end to head back to campus.

My best friends, Alyse and Catherine, have been my heroes for showing me what lifelong friendship looks like, no matter what distance or circumstances may come between us.

So today I pose you with the question of, who is YOUR hero? Is it your professor? It could even be your foster parent or even your resident advisor for your dorm. I am giving you a second grade writing prompt, but this time – act on it instead of simply writing it. 

Whoever it is, reach out to them today and give them a little hug, write them a note, or simply thank them. We all have heroes and today, it is time that they receive the love and get the trophy they deserve.