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The Life-Changing Qualities of Cooking



Upgrading from being a frequent cereal-for-dinner person to cooking most of my meals has been a major boost in my quality of life. Cooking gives you the comfort in knowing exactly what’s going into your body and a cathartic sense of control of both your life and your health. 

Cooking also is a passage into adulthood. You get to elect what you are putting into your body, and you have to take responsibility for feeding yourself. It’s not always glamorous but it does offer you a sense of accomplishment when you do succeed. 

I started cooking more often in an effort to go vegan, which ended up being surprisingly easy when all I had to do was make the choice to buy vegan ingredients. So not only has cooking for myself improved my health but it also allows me to do my part in aiding the environment.

The urge to eat fast food also significantly decreases when you become used to cooking for yourself, as you have the option to satisfy your cravings with ingredients at home, which are most often healthier and cheaper. 

The phrase “we have food at home” has never rang more true when you are the one cooking and eating it. Knowing I have a meal waiting for me at home to make or heat up makes my life easier. It takes out the stress of figuring out how the heck I’m going to feed myself tonight. Not to mention eating out is expensive!

The beauty in cooking for yourself is also evident in the beauty of food and the process of cooking. I’ve even enjoyed grocery shopping recently, it is a time for me to spend time thinking about how I’m going to take care of myself for the week. 

 For those into aesthetics, the beauty of so many meals make the work that goes into preparing it worth your time. The benefits of cooking for yourself also continue into the therapeutic mindfulness that comes from the amount of focus you’re putting on the food that goes into your body. Not to mention you can totally up your presentation game to make your meals an insta-worthy masterpiece!

Cooking for myself has been a small change to help me better my life. I feel healthier, am more mindful and appreciative of my resources. It doesn’t have to be an overnight change, start by cooking one or two meals for yourself a week and working up from there!

Here’s some of my favorite, easy meals that helped me love cooking: 

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