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6 Ways Kale Doesn’t Have to Totally Suck

I recently read an article that went on and on about how kale was supposedly the grossest food out there and no one should ever feel the need to eat it. As a vegetarian of going on 12 years, I found the article to be misleading and misinformed. I would venture the majority of people that say “Kale is gross” haven’t even tried it OR don’t know to cook it properly. Well, I am here to stick up for the wonderful world of kale with these tips to really enjoy it.

1.     SALAD DRESSING. I cannot tell you how many people that have claimed to have tried a kale salad that was bone dry. Of course it’s not going to be very good; most foods need something to accompany it to give it some flavor. One really easy way to dull the hardness of raw kale is salad dressing. A good vinaigrette dressing will do the trick. And if this still doesn’t do it for you, throw in some other greens like spinach to mask the taste.  

2.     Put it in your soup! Again, this softens the leafs a little bit and makes the taste more bearable for someone who isn’t the biggest kale lover. Add some salt and pepper and you’re all done cooking.

3.     Kale chips. I think this is a little bit of a cop-out, but if you must turn it into chips, I’ll allow it.

4.     Put it on a burger. That’s right, I am letting you put this very vegetarian vegetable on MEAT. You’re welcome. Enjoy. Again, the heat and juices from the burger will sink into the kale, just like regular lettuce or cheese.

5.     Use the leafs as a wrap. Add beans, rice, sour cream, cheese, and whatever else you would traditionally put in a burrito and you’re done! It’s a super easy way to add nutrition to some of those more unhealthy burritos. It might even cancel out the cheese, so go ahead and put some extra of that on.

6.     Try it in a green smoothie. This is probably going to be the most enjoyable option for someone that doesn’t typically eat kale. It’s always a good idea to add a little green to every one of your smoothies, but a kale boost is even better. Any smoothie enthusiast will tell you that no matter what type of green you put in, you can barely even taste it. For an added bonus—add protein powder!

These simple hacks will have you on the kale train in NO time! You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love this delicious green. 

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Julia Saxton


Julia is a senior at the University of Cincinnati and studies communication, psychology, and sociology. She has a passion for writing and is very excited to be a part of the Her Campus Cincinnati chapter! Other than Her Campus, Julia is also inolved with the UC Career Development Center and works at a YMCA as a swim coach. 
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