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You Might Want To Go Vegetarian Now

Leafy greens and quinoa are not that appetizing to everyone, and eating like this on a daily basis has turned many off from the idea of cutting meat out of their diet entirely. It’s a difficult decision to make, especially when you’re constantly craving a hotdog at a baseball game or a filet mignon when out to a nice dinner. Although the transition may be difficult, there are many benefits to going vegetarian!

1. You’ll be going green!

There is definitive proof that those who cut meat out of their diet are actually helping the environment! The runoff from factory farms is responsible for almost 200,000 miles of polluted rivers and streams.

2. You’ll be standing up for animals and humans!

The meat packing industry is notorious for treating both animals and humans unethically. By cutting out meat from your daily intake, you’re supporting the humane treatment of animals and people. 

3. You’ll be having a colorful plate!

Phytochemicals are essential in a healthy diet. They are great for everyone’s long-term health. You can tell if a vegetable or fruit has a lot of phytochemicals because of its natural coloring. 

4. Your health will be better than ever!

Studies have shown that vegetarians have a lower chance of having heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. 

5. Preparing your meals will be super easy!

Surprisingly, there are so many options for vegetarians! Aside from veggie burgers, vegetarians can learn how to spice up their meals with quinoa, veggies, fruits, and more!