Ways to Relax After Mid-Terms

You're done or almost done with midterms… time to de-stress and refresh. You've gone weeks without "Netflix n Chill" or nights out. Once you're finished, it's time to Celebrate! Here are a couple of ways to de-stress… 

Go out with your friends

No need to worry, just relax and let loose!

Listen to you and your body's needs 

Take a hot bath or shower. A lot people get sick after midterms. In order to avoid catching the cold get some extra sleep and eat well! After long nights of studying and preparing for tests, you deserve to lay in bed and relax.


Play your favorite songs and dance the night away. 

Work out

I know... working out might be the last thing on your mind but letting your body sweat releases endorphins that help you de-stress and brighten your mood. Try going for a run or walk outside, the fresh air can help clear your mind as well. 

Find inspiration

After working really hard it's always nice to go on your favorite social media sites like Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest to find some inspiration and creativity. 


Watch your favorite comedy or hang out with your friends. Laughing is the easiest way to improve your mood and help you de-stress. 

Have your own Spa Day

Urban Outfitters has some great and inexpensive facial masks! Get a mask and maybe paint your nails. Pampering yourself is always fun. 



And remember: you did it!