How to Stay Awake in Class When You Just Can't

No matter how interested you are in the topic, sometimes you might have those moments when you’re sitting in class and you just canNOT stay awake. This just means you need to do whatever you can to try and get through it.

1. CAFFEINE. Obviously.

Caffeine can sometimes become bad for you if it is consumed too often, but with moderation it can be a good resource when in times of desperate need. Having a coffee here or there to get you through a class can be a life saver.



Since college isn’t like high school and you don’t need the professor's permission to go to the bathroom, don’t be afraid to use it if you need it. Even if you just stop by the restroom to splash some water in your face and give yourself a break from the lecture, it can be a much more valuable use of your time as opposed to falling asleep in front of a professor.



As much as fidgeting with items can be annoying to the people around you as well as the professor and yourself, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. Whether it is tapping your foot, twirling your pen, or playing with a hair tie, whatever keeps your mind active is a good strategy to prevent yourself from laying down on the desk.



Typical as it is, chewing gum is always something that is easy and effective. Another thing that may not have been allowed in high school; take advantage of it.



Eating something puts energy into your body and gives yourself something to do, as well. If you can be discreet about it, try to pack some snacks for yourself so you can reward yourself for sticking with the class as well as have something to do while listening to the professor. Just try not to bring anything too loud. No one likes the kid who is loudly crunching on their chips in the back of the classroom.


6. STRETCH. Kinda.

Don’t hit the person sitting next to you, but if you need to you can stretch your arms behind you or straighten out your legs.



When it comes down to it if you are constantly falling asleep in class you need to be getting your 7-9 hours in bed at night. It’s not always something that is super easy to accomplish, but TRY and make it a goal to get to bed at a decent hour until you find yourself in a routine.  There's no consequences if you fail. If you don't sleep you will just become the stereotype of a college student.