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A Girl’s Guide to 10 Simple Meals

1. Pancakes: Whether it’s just to treat yourself or you have company, this is a staple breakfast item that you should know. Tip: make a bunch and freeze the leftovers so you can pop them in the toaster for a midnight snack or quick breakfast.


2. Omelets: They’re delicious and they’re a good source of protein for breakfast, or a simple supper. Throw in some of your favorite veggies and cheese and you’ve got yourself a winning meal.

3. Panini: My favorite is a simple caprese, but the beauty of a panini is that you just need some good bread and whatever you have in your fridge.

4. Tacos: A simple version of your favorite Mexican food is easy. Meat, tortilla, cheese, salsa, avocado—you name it!

5. A good burger: Be a modern woman and learn to be the grill master. If you don’t have access to a grill you can easily fry up equally delicious patties on a stove.

6. Sushi: It’s pricey to eat out but easy to make at home! All you need is some cold rice mixed with a little sugar and salt and rice vinegar, nori (seaweed), and your choice fillings.

7. Mac and Cheese: Annie’s Mac is good but you know what’s better? Homemade mac and cheese. There’s so many variables but the basics are simple; pasta and cheese.

8. Chili: If you’re busy and need to feed a lot of people whip up a simple chili recipe, throw everything in the crockpot and let it cook all day. Dinner when you walk in the door.

9. Lasagna: It’s an easy dish to take to potlucks and very simple to create variations to please any crowd. Plus, it’s delicious comfort food!

10. Roast chicken: It’s an elegant, classic dinner and one that provides great leftovers. Make sandwiches or enchiladas the next day!

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