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5 Pieces of Advice for College Freshmen

As you’ve entered the wild jungle of college for the first time, you have probably developed certain expectations due to hearing a couple of phrases like, ‘These are going to be the BEST 4 years of your life!’,  ‘This is where you meet your REAL BFFs’.

Now college is certainly an exhilarating and inspiring place; however, it is not a magical land where everything is all sunshine and rainbows, but I’m sure you already knew that! It’s a place where you can pursue things you didn’t know you could, meet people from all over the world, and learn more about yourself as you journey through life. Here are some tips for all of you freshmen so your dreams and aspirations can get a jumpstart!



Be open to new opportunities/get out of your comfort zone!

No matter how big or small the action is, it’s an accomplishment! You could test out a new club, talk to someone new, take a foreign language class, etc.

Eat meals in the dining hall with different people.

This can definitely be scary especially if you are on the shyer side, but fear not! I loved it when a stranger asked to sit with me, so it goes both ways! You can even ask a friend to come with you to sit with the stranger.

Get a planner and get organized.

The last thing you need is to forget to write that paper that’s due in less than 24 hours. Write down everything you need to do, and hold yourself accountable to do it!

Don’t expect the first year to be perfect (or any other year really).

There will definitely be times of homesickness and awkwardness, but don’t let it get you down. Know that you are going through a huge change, so it can take some time to warm up to. You’re on the same boat as many others.

Learn the importance of balance.

It’s super exciting, living independently and having so much freedom. Just make sure you make time for homework and sleep. Trust me, it’s possible to have both!



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