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it’s me isn’t it?

i’m the person i’ve wanted to be all along

but i’ve brought shame to my name

and broken every mirror

so i wouldn’t have to look at what                i’ve become

the embodiment of love

the sunshine i swallow in the morning

the serotonin i wished for long ago

but who am i now?

i’m not myself but i am

i’m tired i’ve been tired i’llcontinuetobetired

my smile is different

i can see the hope and dreams i wanted for so long

seeping through and ready to infect my body

i’m poisonous i’mfilledwiththejoyofbeingalive

i hated it but i guess i’m in love with my self


hello! i'm a 19 yo queer xicanx poet who also doubles as an undergrad student with anxiety problems. i promise i'm the realest clown you'll ever meet. catch me yelling about how much work i have to do for my women's and gender studies & english and comparative literature majors, and for my latina/o studies minor (jk, i love it all). i hope you enjoy my work!
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