Self-care During Finals

Finals are closing upon us. Everyone is calculating what grade they need to make on their final to pass the class. Some people have three finals within 28 hours and can’t get an exchange, others have all of their finals on the last two days. One thing connects us all: the stress of the impending final. It is important to remember to take care of yourself during this stressful time period. Self-care looks different for everyone. For some self-care is laying down and taking a nap. For others, it is going for a run to release pent-up tension. Taking a whole day to yourself might not be smart if you have a busy exam schedule, but it is important to give yourself time each day to de-stress.

Here are some ideas for a quick break while you’re studying for finals.



Stretching is something quick that can be done to take your mind off of your stress. It helps you reduce the tension in your body. It can also boost your energy, which is extremely helpful when you’re planning on studying all day.



Taking deep breaths can help calm you down. It helps increase the blood flow in your body, and it gives you something repetitive to do that takes your mind off of the stress of studying.



Play soft relaxing music while you take a moment for yourself. This doesn’t have to be long. It can range from a minute to 10 minutes as you recenter yourself. Think about the positive things happening in your life, or think about nothing at all. Just give your mind a break from stressing about the impending finals



Smiling tricks your brain into believing there is actually something to be happy about. Taking a moment to just smile will help improve your mood, which can go a long way when you’re thinking about your finals.


How do you self-care during finals?