#BodyPositivity: An Open Letter To The Girl Who's Too Self-Conscious To Wear What She WANTS To Wear

One of my many goals for 2019 was to work on my self-confidence, my ability to accept my body for what it is because it is so good to me and to love and appreciate it more. And on that note, you should too. Our bodies are magnificent things, and I think we could all use a little bit more #BodyPositivity. Below is my letter to all those ladies who struggle with self-confidence like me. 


Hey, You,

I know how you feel because I've been there too. I've had moments where I've looked in the mirror, didn't necessarily love what I saw and changed my outfit. I've had moments where I've looked at something on the rack, looked at myself and put it back — whether it was a cute top, shorts, a dress or a bikini. You name it, and I assure you that the thought has crossed my mind. I won't look good in that. My body doesn't look good enough. I could never wear that because of [insert reason here]. 

It's a problem of self-confidence, and it's a problem that I need to work on. It's a problem that we all need to work on because we, as women, and as human beings, are beautiful. We are beautiful, wonderful, and no matter our shape and size, we are worthy of wearing whatever outfit we want to because we can rock anything.

We are beautiful, and 2019 is the year that we work on our self-confidence and ability to accept that fact for what it is — a fact. It's the year that we work on our ability to feel comfortable rocking any outfit we please. It's the year that we become the wonderful, powerful, inspiring and self-confident women we are. 

It's the year that we feel comfortable in our own skin.

It's time for us to recognize that we are beautiful in whatever we wear. The numbers on the scale don't matter; they really, really don't. It's something that I have to tell myself all the time, but it's true. As long as we're treating our bodies right, giving them food, care and lots and lots of love, then we're doing it right — and as long as we're doing it right, then we deserve to have all the self-confidence this world could offer us. With that in mind, we can also wear whatever adds to that self-confidence. 

You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You should wear whatever makes you feel most beautiful, most like you, regardless of what anyone tells you. I know it can be hard to turn the other cheek when people make comments, whether they're intentional or not, but it's something that we have to do. We are beautiful, and that is a fact, regardless of what anyone tells you.

The next time you go shopping and see a cute outfit, buy it if you want. Don't let your body be a factor in whether or not you buy something you love because you will look beautiful in it no matter what. Appreciate your body. Give it love and care, and you'll be wonderful. When you try on a cute outfit, don't let any self-conscious thoughts get in the way of whether or not you wear it. If it makes you happy or makes you feel comfortable, then go for it. 

You are beautiful — now go show that beauty and self-confidence to the world.


A girl who is ready to start wearing what she wants to wear.