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How to Survive College Midterm Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Now that you’re halfway through the semester and you’re on your way to midterm week, a lot of stress may begin to kick in. Midterm week is a crucial week in maintaining or bringing up those grades in your classes that you have not been doing too well in. It can be stressful at times having to juggle all of your classes and studying a full load of coursework. For first-time college students, midterm exams will be the first major tests you will take so don’t worry if you feel unprepared. It can be very overwhelming having to deal with several midterm exams on the same day or week and many students do not know how to prepare. So with saying that, here are some tips I have learned that would definitely make sure you breeze through midterm week stress-free and come out on top!

1.Create a schedule and stick to it

At the beginning of the semester, a lot of professors will give you a syllabus your first few weeks of class. Make sure you check to see when you have your midterm for each class and then create a study schedule. For many collegiate students, you can have as many as three to four classes in one day. A tip I’ve learned that has helped me stay on schedule, is to map out a day for each class and study the coursework ahead of time so that I don’t find myself stressing out over the weekend trying to prepare for all of the midterms I have to take in the same day.

2.  Find a designated study place

 Trying to study for your midterms in your dorm room with distractions everywhere probably isn’t the greatest thing to do. Go to a library or a common area that’s quiet so that you can focus and actually do your work. You know yourself best so make sure you put yourself in an environment that is going to help keep you focused.

3. Make sure you’re studying the correct material

Sometimes throughout the course of the classes you take, a lot of professors may change their lesson plan. It’s important to make sure you know exactly what you need to be studying for on your midterm exam. Don’t be afraid to email your professor or to talk to them after class to make sure you understand the material.

4. Take a break if you need to

If you’ve been studying for a long time and can’t remember the material you’ve been going through…that means you need a break.


5. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

 It’s easy to forget to get enough sleep or to make sure you’re eating right when you’re focused on making sure you know all of the material in time for your midterm exams. Please do not make this mistake! If you’ve been studying for a few hours, it’s okay to take a break and pick up later. As long as you don’t forget to study again and review more material for your upcoming tests, you’ll be fine.



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