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As the semester is coming to an end, my emotions are all over the place. I feel tired. It’s like no matter how much I sleep, I still don’t have the motivation to do work. It’s not like I don’t care about school, but quite frankly, I am just beyond tired. With Thanksgiving being less than two weeks away, it is all a college student anticipates at this point of the semester. Nearing the end of the semester is when college students realize that it’s crunch time and that our GPA is truly in our own hands. It’s either make it or break it. In this article, I would like to discuss ways to make it through these last few long weeks of the Fall 2018 semester.


In the Black Community, therapy isn’t talked about enough. Going to therapy does not mean that something is mentally wrong with a person. Personally, over the summer I went to therapy because I needed someone to talk to. Although I have plenty of people to talk to about my thoughts and feelings, I decided that I wanted to talk to someone different. I remember I told my mother how I wanted to go see a psychiatrist and she was completely open to it. I also told my mother that if I did see a therapist that she would have to be Black. My mother completely agreed with my statement. Once I had my second therapy session I felt relieved. My therapist referred me to a website called Therapy for Black Girls, which is a website dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and young girls.

The website is run by a licensed Psychologist in the state of Georgia. Her specialties include working with Black women in both individual and couples counseling. From my personal experience, the website has been very helpful. Being able to listen to podcasts and knowing that there are therapists all over the country have the same mission is very comforting. No one’s pride should be so high that it could stop them from seeking professional help. Everyone should talk to someone that actually wants to help. Especially at this state as young Black women, we should seek from help from our elders when it’s available.

                                                                             Dr.Joy Founder of Therapy Of Black Girls 


In my previous article: ‘3 Helpful Ways To Keep Your Sanity While In College‘ I focused on three methods can most definitely come in handy at this time of the semester. Especially when it comes to the breathing/crying method. Like I said before it’s actually good to cry! If you need to cry then cry! Every time that I have cried this week I actually felt 100% better after letting those tears cascade down my face. I know my playlist is coming handy as well, mostly the Erykah Badu one. In addition to that, I burn Palo Santo in my room. When you burn the stick it gets rid of all the negative energy surrounding you. While you burn that you should cry and have on that music that keeps you sane. 


The semester is coming to an end and everyone is excited. But, just in case someone doesn’t have someone pushing them; I would like to push you. I would like to remind whoever is reading this that might feel discouraged as if they cannot finish this semester strong–I would like to remind you that you can most definitely can. You have to keep yourself pushing if you are feeling in a way, that you cannot describe or you cannot explain to someone.  If you find yourself feeling this way, please seek out therapy, as I am doing the same myself. While in college in a way, you are by yourself and sometimes you wish you had people to motivate you. The only person that knows you need help is yourself It’s up to you in you decided to seek help.

Hey! I am Terri Blige a Senior English Major with a Concentration of Creative Writing at Thee Clark Atlanta University. I am from Connecticut. I am proud to say that I am a writer for HerCampusCAU
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