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samantha jones sex and the city
samantha jones sex and the city
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Why is Gen-Z so obsessed with Sex And The City?

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Generations, taste and the entertainment have changed over the years, what  was the moment during  the 80’s and 90’s and the addictions of our parents are not on the hype anymore. But there’s some movies, tv shows and even songs  that never go away. Some artistic productions represent old generations and keep representing the new era. People see themselves in those characters, being inspired by their clothes, thoughts and lifestyle. Most of those fictional personas change some real individual’s perceptions and purposes.

Netflix’s promotional post via Instagram

The 1998 TV show “Sex and the city” is a brilliant example of what a production can impact after 25 years of released. Most girls around the world are fascinated by the women on this show. Some want the extravagant and cool clothes of Carrie, others the confidence of Samantha, the intellectual mind of Miranda and the beautiful heart of Charlotte. It feels like we are a part of their group, hanging on the streets of New York City. What viewer doesn’t want to go out with those girls and have a couple of drinks at the Big Apple’s nights?


Carrie Bradshaw, represented by the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, is a journalist in her mid 30’s. Bradshaw has this outgoing and funny personality that makes the spectators enchanted by her presence on screen. She lives life in the moment: partying, drinking and shopping around the city. Carrie loves to write about the amount of lovers she engaged with. Some relationships she had were committed but many times it was temporary. Nowadays, this kind of relationship is common and it’s called “situationships”, meaning you are hanging out with someone but without commitment.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in a Sex And The City episode

Gen-Z are inspired essentially by this woman’s fashion, her 2000’s dresses and fancy coats are still on trend these days. It’s common to see her clothes on Pinterest’s boards, being references of thousands of girls around the world. There are also controversial opinions about her romantic relationships, while some people admire her detached way of dealing, others find her confusing and irresponsible emotionally. As a journalist, she is a bit of a role model, who romanticises her career.


Samantha Jones, played by the actress Kim Cattrall, is a business woman. She loves to party and have casual sex. This character is full of confidence, sensuality and has a bossy personality. From the way Samantha speaks to the way she walks, her huge self-confidence and love are what draws the attention all to herself. Cattrall represented in such a spontaneous and attractive method the freedom of a 30 years young woman.

Girls of this generation are still fascinated about Samantha. She represents an independent well lived female, who is not afraid to be herself and chase for her sexuality. It’s very revolutionary how this character was ahead of its time, in a moment where that kind sassy attitude of a woman wasn’t much acceptable in society. “I will not be judged by you or society. I will wear whatever and blow whomever I want as long as I can breathe—and kneel.”, says her in one of the episodes.

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex And The City

Besides that, it’s interesting how her age was never a problem to enjoy life the way and how she wanted. From 20 years ago until now, this lady has been an inspiration for every woman who struggles for self love and freedom. Samantha is an Icon.


Charlotte York, interpreted by the actress Kristin Davis, is a polite and sweet girl. She works in an art gallery in New York and is nothing like a party spirit or adventurous sexual lover. Opposite to her friends, who are out to have fun and go with the flow, York values tradition and romance in her life. She struggles with the amount of unsuccessful relationships she had. 

Kristin Davis as Charlotte York in Season 2 of Sex And The City

Charlotte is for the girls in this generation who still have hope in traditional love. The ones who are waiting for a partner that can commit and build a happy and loving life together. That childish fairy tale kind of romance. In an era of situationships and superficial relations, having an optimist to search for this is rare. Also, besides the sweet attitude, there’s hidden a wild part of her that is just waiting to appear.


Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon, is a fiery lawyer. The character is smart, direct and is out to speak her mind. Yet, she struggles a lot with her sexuality and self-esteem. Miranda is in constant confusion about her relationship experiences and confidence issues. Cynthia does a role of a strong and feminist female with a complex mind.

Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes on episode 2, Season 6 of Sex And The City

Most of Gen-Z looks up to be interesting and intelligent as Miranda. The character is full of authenticity and complexity that doesn’t please any random men who crosses her road. On the other side, people sympathise with her personal frustrations towards herself and others. It’s interesting how the show one time approached Miranda’s sexual identity, after unsuccessful relationships. I think the character portrays two poles, where in one, the audience finds her fun and brilliant, and on the other, they can be sensibilize about her inner feelings. 


“Sex and the city” has had a huge impact on lifestyle and way of thinking to girls around the world. They are mesmerised about the roundness of the plot. I see viewers wishing for the fancy city life but also having deep self growth while watching. As I said before, every woman in this show has their own authenticity and personal issues that can relate with different individuals.

In an era of feminine empowerment outspoken, the 98’s show opened questions to different genres that were somehow hidden in society and at this moment looks so revolutionary and relatable. The creators wrote a story that women around their 30’s can watch and feel young again, taking off the last century perception that after this age it’s time to be a mom and live a life completely developed for a family.

The crew as a TV Guide cover in early 2000’s

They showed off that you can still have fun with your best friends and drink cosmopolitans through the night. In my opinion, almost every woman in this generation will not be the same after watching “Sex and the city”, it’s a whole package of entertainment but mainly a cultural and epochal impact. 


The article above was edited by Manuela Miniguini.
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