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What to expect from the second part of Bridgerton 3?

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The series of the moment returns! Bridgerton fans can finally sleep in peace now that all the episodes have been released. If, like me, you’re constantly thinking up theories about what might happen, you’ve found the right place.

Polin’s wedding

The emerald of the season, Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), brought Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) to his knees and, even though she didn’t give him an answer, we know that the wedding will happen from the trailer that’s out. I can’t wait to see Pen as a bride!

I bet that the reactions of the Bridgerton family are going to warm our hearts and, on the other hand, those of Featherington are going to make us laugh. And speaking of marriage, another couple should get married this season, Francesca (Hannah Dodd) and John (Victor Alli), the two of them together are real cuties. Violet (Ruth Gemmell) will be more than delighted to see two of her children getting married.

Violet’s rebloom

If anyone deserves all the love in the world, it’s Violet, a caring and loving mother who wants the happiness of all her eight children above any other desire. So, when Lord Marcus (Daniel Francis) showed up, it was obvious that the two of them were going to get involved, and they really should. 

This relationship doesn’t even have to turn into love, but let’s not forget that getting involved with someone is always an interesting experience.

Lady Whistledown’s revelation

They say that a secret is no longer one once more than three people know it. It’s amazing how long Lady Whistledown has been able to remain hidden, even from the Queen herself!

However, every plan has its flaws, whether for good or ill. We have to admit that Penelope should have revealed herself to Colin sooner, but who can blame her if he hates London’s most famous columnist.

One thing’s for sure: the truth will come out. I just hope it’s on Whistledown’s terms.

Will friendships return or end?

Sensitive topic alert! The end of Penelope and Eloise’s (Claudia Jessie) friendship. The most disappointing thing about the whole series is seeing this pair separated, when they were supposed to be business partners. But if they work it out this season and become best friends again, no one will get hurt.

At least we discovered that Cressida has a heart, which made her cooler than Eloise at times. Her difficult relationship with her father showed a more vulnerable side and gave an explanation of why she always does everything to get a suitor

Benedict’s cinderella

And finally, we need to talk about Benedict. It’s very likely that this season we’ll be able to see a glimpse of Sophie, he’s more of a perfect libertine than a perfect gentleman, but I’m still a Benedict believer. 

I mean… how can I be disappointed with all the entertainment he provides?

Livia Nomoto

Casper Libero '22

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