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Bridgerton\'s Eloise and Penelope
Bridgerton\'s Eloise and Penelope
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The First 4 Minutes Of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Part 2 Have Peneloise Fans Making A Storyline Request

Dearest Readers, the wait is almost over. Part 2 of Season 3 of Netflix’s Regency-era drama Bridgerton is almost here.

As if the wait hasn’t been hard enough, Netflix released the first few minutes of Part 2 on June 11, and it has fans emotional — especially those who have been waiting for a potential friendship reunion between Penelope Featherington and her former-BFF Eloise Bridgerton.

The sneak peek shows Colin Bridgerton and Penelope announcing their engagement to his mother and sisters (sans Daphne). After the announcement, Eloise and Penelope exchange a longing look that could make anyone’s heart hurt. Eloise excuses herself and Penelope promptly follows suit. Eloise asks Penelope if Colin has been made aware of her Lady Whistledown’s identity, which Penelope confirms she hasn’t done yet. 

“Until he knows the real you, he can’t possibly love you,” Eloise said brutally to Penelope.

Needless to say, many have found themselves heartbroken over this current state of Eloise and Penelope’s friendship, especially since they were so close before Eloise discovered Pen’s huge secret.  

After the release of this sneak peek, fans have taken to X/ Twitter to reminisce on the friendship between Eloise and Penelope before things went awry when Eloise discovered Penelope’s Lady Whistledown identity. Let’s also not forget that Penelope labeled Eloise a “radical ruffian” after their falling out and wrote about Eloise’s relationship with Theo, thus harming her marriage prospects. 

Blindsided is the only way to describe how Eloise was feeling, and what is more tragic than a friendship breakup? Fans have taken to X to express just how badly they want Peneloise back.

Can Eloise ever overcome feeling utterly betrayed by her bestie? Will Penelope finally tell Colin the truth so she can finally make things right with Eloise? Many are hoping that the pair rekindles their beloved friendship. While the fate of Peneloise is unclear, we’ll hopefully get some answers in Part 2, which is dropping on June 13.

Fingers crossed for a Peneloise reunion!

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