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Twilight Is Back! Understand Why Will Be Re-released In Brazilian Cinemas

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This year a lot of movies are being re-released in Brazil. In the mid-year, Avatar was re-released as a way to celebrate the new movie coming out this year. The Harry Potter movies also returned to the big screen to celebrate their 10th-anniversary last year. And now, the beloved Twilight saga is back to the theatres.

As a way to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the release of the last Twilight movie, Brazilian cinemas are airing the entire saga. In chronological order every week, in December, a new movie will come out, with the first-week being Twilight and so it goes…

Twilight was a series of movies based on the books written by Stephanie Meyer telling the love story of Edward Cullen, a 17 year old vampire, played by Robert Pattinson, and the young Bella Swan, a teenage girl that just moved to Forks interpreted by Kristen Stewart.

And bringing the triangle to that famous love story we have Jacob Black, a werewolf played by Taylor Lautner that falls in love with Bella and shakes Edward off the pedestal for a little while.

The films were very popular in the early 2000, being one of the biggest hits of this century. The entire world was hooked on the teenage love story between a human and a vampire, right?

The films will be streamed by most cinemas in Brazil, some examples being Cinemark and Cinépolis. The released dates are:

December 1st: Twilight
December 8th: New Moon
December 15th: Eclipse
December 22th: Breaking Dawn: part 1
December 29th: Breaking Dawn: part 2

So let’s go back in time to 2012 and go crazy about vampires, werewolves, humans, a tragic love story, and one of the biggest love triangles. Are you a Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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