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The fashion icon nowadays: what would Rachel Green wear in 2024?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Rachel Green, a character from the TV show Friends, is one of the fictional characters who most shape us as women in real life, having a huge influence in the fashion world. With her iconic and authentic looks, she creates a network of fans who are inspired by her way of dictating fashion.

However, as the show is set in the 90s and 00s, most of the character’s outfits are based on the trends of that era. That is why we listed six items of clothing that our dear Rachel Green would wear in 2024, as the fashion icon she is.

Tailoring skirt

A style of clothing very present in the character’s life is tailoring, and of course, we couldn’t fail to talk about the famous tailored skirt.


We cannot forget to mention one of the most popular shoes today, the moccasin. It’s probably one of fashion’s greatest hits when it comes to dressing our feet, and it’s a shoe that Rachel Green would wear to work at Bloomingdale’s.

midi dress

When we talk about dresses, we mean the midi dress, which has a simple fit with a very light fabric, typical of Rachel’s style and which nowadays has a constant presence in many women’s closets.

Tailoring vest

One of the pieces Green would wear now is the famous tailoring vest. A piece that can be worn with different combinations, bringing sophistication and elegance to the look, which Rachel knows how to do it very well!

Lace blouse

 Another piece that the fashion icon would wear in her day-to-day life, would be delicate lace blouses. She is the type of girl that would have them in every color.

Hair band

The last topic we’re going to talk about here is the hair band. We realize that Rachel has a clean girl aesthetic, as we say, so what better represents that aesthetic than a hair band? The character would definitely wear it in 2024! 

There’s no shortage of style in Rachel Green’s life, but do you agree that her influence on the fashion world is so great that she wouldn’t lack style in 2024 either? Now let’s get inspired and imagine what our beloved character would look like wearing these iconic outfits. 


The article above was edited by Duda Kabzas.

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